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VITAWAG is a newly established subdivision of PET LIFE LLC based out of Edison, NJ. VITAWAG is focused on developing new and unique Propreitary Blends of Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs and Cats. All of the products within our Vitawag Collections are 100% Natural Grade, and don't contain any Chemicals, Preservatives or Dyes. We're all about promoting proper health and support to better the lives of your Pet. Our Research and Development Team conducts LAB testing with each and every batch to ensure our Vitamins and Supplements are completely free of all Chemicals including that includes Led testing. Our Facilities are based in the United States are FDA Approved and all materials, ingredients and byproducts are manufactured using FDA approved materials and ingredients. 

VITAWAG is constantly seeking to Develope new and interesting formulas for Dogs and Cats by increasing the effectiveness of all our Supplements and Vitamins with added benefits. Our VITAWAG Liquid Vitamin Supplements are supperior in concentration and feature multiple Dog and Cat loving flavors and geared for both Dogs and Cats. Pet Life is seeking to expand it's development into the consumable market using it's higher than averaged resources.


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