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The Mint Formula offers Proper Hydration, Easing Arthritis, Soothing of the Stomach and aiding in Digestive Support, while promoting proper Coat Health and providing Fresh Breath. The Strawberry Formula offers assistance in Muscle Development and Skin, Coat and Eye Health while offering Anti-inflammatory benefits and helping aid in proper healthy Red Blood Cell development for pets in recovery. The Banana Formula Helps Prevent Stones, Weakening of Bones, Irregular Heart Beat, High Blood Pressure, while aiding in Nerve Cell Support and Helping Neutralize proper PH levels in the body. The Blueberry Formula Helps Promote Healing, Immune and Digestive Support, and Helping protect against Free Radicals within the body in addition to eye Health for aging pets. See Ingredients for further details.

Vitawag Liquid Supplement, 8 Pack, 2 Per Flavor

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